FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  How long does it take for my credit score to increase?

A: Results vary but the typical time frame is 45 days to see results. On average 93% of our clients see an increase of 10 points in the first 35 days, and 102 points withing 180 days.


Q: Is Credit Repair Legal ?

A: Everybody has the right to dispute questionable negative items in there report with or without the assistance of a credit repair company. In fact, anything a credit repair company can legally do for you, you could do for yourself. The law is called “The Fair Credit Reporting Act.” The FCRA gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item cannot be verified within a reasonable time (usually 30 days) it must be removed.


Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Pricing depends on the package you choose, we have different price points based on the specific client needs. But in reality the savings you will recieve by improving your credit score far out weigh the cost of these services. Please see pricing page to choose your package.


Q: What if you dont improve my credit score?

A: We offer a money back guarantee



Money Back Guarantee We offer a 100 percent money back guarantee in our program. You agree that the Only way to remain eligible for our Money Back Guarantee Program is to abide by the following terms: 1.) You must keep credit monitoring service. Failure to keep credit monitoring (Not credit Karma) will void your money back guarantee because it makes it hard for us to verify what’s being removed. You also agree to always share the login details with our team. 2.) You must return all received mail from the credit bureaus and debt collectors in question to us within 5 Days of receiving it or 15 Days from the date on the Report. 3) You also must update us within 30 days of changing an address and have a working phone number on file. 4.) You must have service with us for 6 consecutive months with no account suspensions due to non-payment causing reactivation. 5.) You have not have any new collection accounts or late payments added and have not entered in any agreements with collection agencies during the time enrolled in our program. 6.) Failure to comply with our recommendations that cause your credit score to decrease such as obtaining a secure credit card, unsecure credit card, or new account that will build credit history 7.) Only if we have not removed at least 1 negative item within a 6-month time frame, or raised your points at least 50 points